and the result is?

From this…

To this…

Very quickly!

images courtesy of Javier Valderrama, Thanks Javier!

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the big day

Just a quick shout out to all the people who’ve helped us get this far..

Alex Edwards was the reality-check we desperately needed for taking our design sketches and making them map to reality!
Gareth Forward has been an absolute champion with the camera, offering to come in and help out as well as documenting the whole process
Cait Harris is our performance guru extraordinaire, who helped focus our thoughts on performance and precisely the best way to make ourselves look and feel extremely silly. Cait’s costumes are a secret weapon, make no mistake.
Marianne Foley, Tristram Carfrae and Kerryn Coker have been incredibly generous in lending their support for the cause.. not enough can be said for their effort and support in getting our team off the ground.

– Adam Goodrum has been incredibly generous, letting us use the ID workshop at UTS, clogging up the 24 hour work space with seemingly random pieces of bamboo
– Anita Morosszeky is the seamstress of your dreams, who taught us unskilled boys just how easy it is to sew – Anita really turned a production team on its head and sped things up like you wouldn’t believe
– Anthony Burke very generously offered us the use of a pair of Architecture School owned sewing machines, without really know much of what we had in store for them..
– Frank Maguire is the most level headed ‘calm-in-the-storm’ guy I know, he came and helped make sense of a few sail cloth measurements, and filmed us running around in the Sydney Uni carpark (even though there wasn’t any light..)

I hope I didn’t leave anyone off this list. I will ammend when my memory corrects me 🙂

We’re taking flight today, wish us luck!

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in light of all the work we’ve done

I thought I’d put together a small post with a few of the images of our working methods, just to clebrate all the hard work we’ve put together in the last two months. Behold!










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This evening, dear readers, the tent that flew has made its maiden flight, having made several crossings of the Sydney University carpark…

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our workshop

This is our workshop
We’re fortunate enough to have access to the UTS workshop space in the design building. Liam and I both studied at UTS (Liam graduated from Industrial Design and I graduated from Architecture), then taught at UTS in a number of different courses – so we know the place well enough. The workshop space is open to students and staff, pin coded for security and is usable any time the building is open for access, which means.. well 24 hours. We’re sensible about our time these days (previous projects would have been a different story for me), so our time in the workshop has really been limited to days on the weekend and nights during the week – and a few hours at a time at that. The first month or so of the project didn’t see much progress physically, but we’re full steam ahead at this point.
We’re in many ways indebted to UTS for providing access to the workshop space – if we weren’t able to work here I’m not sure what we’d have done. The space also just happens to be the perfect size to allow for our 6m long package to fit through the halls…

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Our latest and greatest

Here are a few videos, recapping an extremely busy month!

The design sketch which started it all..

a cable structure test to check if we were doing the right thing

testing that the glider can transform into a tent

running around a basement carrying the glider

having put half the wing together, we took it for a spin

there’s plenty more where that came from! Bring on Sunday!

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up to scratch

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